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ZHS Orchards is the vehicle for Peter & Samantha to offer their (quite different) skills and knowledge to digital organisations. Working independently and on a freelance basis, Peter converts data into value while Samantha develops Social Media strategies with her clients. Based in the Netherlands but available to work with clients remotely anywhere in the world.

Data Informed Growth

Bridging the worlds of Data and Business, Peter brings meaning to the behaviour of your customers and website visitors. If you feel that all you have is data, Peter shows how to convert this data into actionable insights that drive growth and improved results for your organisation.

Social Media Playbooks & Campaigns

Find your advocate audience with smarter social media campaigns. Elevate your brand purpose to a key asset with a social media playbook. For both short- and long-term campaigns, Samantha offers a clearly defined social media strategy to fire up your internal champions.

Why Choose Us?

While the nature of our work is quite different, we are both highly experienced in our fields and focus on delivering a positive impact on the business bottom line of our clients. It is important to us to explain our findings, ideas and recommendations in language you understand, transferring knowledge to your teams for long term success.


Peter was my accomplice in developing the use of data by Elle, Cosmo and other Hearst brands to inform and change their behaviour. He was able to talk about data in ways the marketing teams around the world could understand, focusing on making it actionable, which the results demonstrated was a success.
Sam has been a brilliant part of our team over the past few years. She is high energy, with loads of ideas and really fun to work with. She is passionate and curious about her field and will always try to take you further. I hope to work with her again and I highly recommend her.
Jo Parker
Group CEO at VCCP Business. Group COO, VCCP
Samantha and I worked closely for a number of years delivering social media strategy from the ground up. Working with Samantha is like having an extension of your team - nothing is too much. The depth of her social knowledge is extremely valuable - she is always the first to know the latest changes and never fails to share. As a great communicator Sam deals with all stakeholders well and brings them on the journey with you.
Camilla Hoskisson
Head of Marketing, AIG Life UK

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