Launching the Business Performance Audit

I am excited to launch the Business Performance Audit, a quick turnaround, fixed cost, productised service offering from ZHS Orchards.  As the name says, it is an audit of the performance of a business, delivering a set of recommended actions to improve this performance. Recommendations will be presented a month after commencing the project and the fixed cost is €14,250 excl VAT for a single website organisation.

As an offer with this launch, this project is available to one charity or start-up for one-third the normal price, €4,750 excl VAT, if agreed by 12th Mar with the recommendations to be provided by 31st Mar. The agreement will include the go-ahead to use non-confidential details of the project as a case study. To get the year going after that, I am also offering April’s project for 20% off, with this open to any organisation.

What the Business Performance Audit is

My excitement about this offering is due to it going back to the core of what I believe analytics to be all about. Analysing business data, evaluating customers, evaluating what you do and how you make money (or are otherwise successful), combining all of this to identify issues and opportunities for improvement. If your business implements these recommendations, it will have a direct impact on your success, which is the result every analyst wants.

I performed this project a few times in the early days of L3 Analytics and my Ayima team did a couple in more recent times. The intention was for this to be a core service but we were typically caught in the weeds of improving Google Analytics set-ups and responding to urgent requests. Business Performance Audits are in the High Importance, Low Urgency quadrant of the Eisenhower matrix and are rarely prioritised.

And work of this nature should be prioritised. Yes, your business data needs to be accurate and useful, you need reporting created and you need the people in your organisation to be able to use data themselves. But there are all these juicy nuggets of insights lying around in your data with quick wins available that will make a difference to your business. I offer an outside pair of eyes and over a decade of looking for these nuggets with a toolkit of proven techniques, let me help you demonstrate just how valuable your data is.


The big difference from when this project was first offered to now is in the data and information inputs. Previously it was just your Google Analytics data, now it is so much more. It still includes website data (GA or Adobe Analytics or others) but also marketing data, customer data and whatever else you can provide as key to driving more business opportunities insight.

With the context of this extra data, I spend time reviewing your organisation, structures and elements of your business strategy. The better the understanding I develop of your customers, who they are, what you offer them and why they buy, the better my recommendations will be. The focus in my work is evolving to strategy & growth and so defining (practical & actionable) customer segments, your product positioning, etc could be part of my recommendations, not just identifying the bug on a mobile website that is blocking all purchases.

Operational Points

I am now based in the Netherlands but happy to work with clients around the world. It would be great to work with Dutch clients, as long as you are ok that ik spreek een beetje Nederlands. Being able to present recommendations in person (once we can meet in person again) would be ideal so there is a preference for European clients (travel expenses will be extra) but I am comfortable presenting remotely to people anywhere in the world.

Note that the fixed cost is of the current date. With the turnaround time of a month, 10 projects are realistic each year. More are possible but that would mean less time with my family. Given this limited number of clients, the price will increase in relation to demand, so any early clients are effectively receiving a discounted price.

The cost also is also set only for single website organisations. Please get in touch if that is not the case for you, whether country variations, multiple brands or something different. I will either recommend selecting your primary website only or provide a quote based on your structure, taking into account any economies of scale for reviewing identical or similar purpose websites.

More details on this project can be found on the Business Performance Audit page, including details of some of the “tools” used in my work. Please get in touch if you could be interested in this project or taking up one of the discounted offers.

One final point, the project doesn’t conclude at the end of the month with the presentation of my recommendations. There will be one final meeting three months later (thanks to Arnout for the idea) where we review your homework (implementing the recommendations) to see how far you have got and what the impact has been.

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