Integrated Campaign with Global Reach

Green Wave Campaign – Creative ideation and planning, managing briefing and asset creation, to create an integrated marketing campaign with global reach, from social, email, a webinar series and IRL event collateral, for myTomorrows.


myTomorrows has a complicated set of products and multiple audiences, are a highly regulated pharmaceutical company with very strict compliance and ethical content requirements, and are transitioning from start-up to scale-up. For these reasons they hadn’t engaged in any creative campaigns before. Soon after being onboarded to the company, I researched and planned a creative campaign for their Clinical Trials Recruitment offering for a BioPharma audience. It needed to be an integrated marketing campaign that would work across global markets. 

I developed and presented multiple ideas. One that wasn’t used was an interactive (b)pH campaign where the (b)iopHarma audience would take part in a quiz to ‘Find Out Your Recruitment Rating On Our (b)pH Scale’. (For the breakdown of this idea see the EXTRA section at the bottom of this blog).

The idea that was selected matched with the resource allocation for content creation and was suitable for a low-risk approach, while leveraging the myTomorrows green brand colour, with The Green Wave Approach.. By


Front cover of the eBook
eBook introduction
eBook clinical trial funnel
eBook problem solution

A few pages of the eBook – used as part of the lead generation at IRL events and for developing a warm audience for retargeting within a LinkedIn webinar campaign. 

  • All creative designs for the eBook, social posts both paid and organic were drafted in a brief by myself for the artworker to execute.
I had the pleasure of having Sam in my team at myTomorrows, and I can confidently say that she is one of the most energetic and creative people I have ever worked with! One of Sam's standout qualities is her ability to generate innovative ideas that truly resonate with the audience. Her contributions were instrumental in the success of our "Green Wave" campaign, where she demonstrated her exceptional talent for conceptualising and executing impactful campaign ideas that resonate with a target audience. Sam's passion is contagious - and she brings energy with her in bags to everything she does. If you are looking for big ideas and thinking - she's your person!
Sarah Swain
Head of Marketing and Growth, myTomorrows

 The Green Wave Approach.


Create a campaign that simplified a complicated product for a hard-to-reach audience without alienating other audiences who might see it on our social profiles or at an event with a mixed audience, that could work across all marketing touchpoints globally, from IRL events, to social media, to email campaigns. The messaging must fit within our strict pharmaceutical compliance requirements and can not offer hope or promise suitability between a patient and a trial, from a patient, physician, hospital, biopharma or advocacy group perspective. 

The insight came from the USP of the breadth and depth of myTomorrows support throughout the whole clinical trial recruitment funnel, unmatched in the industry, and that it is this level of experience and reach that can solve the issue of 80% of enrolment targets not being metWhether that be trial discovery, patient suitability, patient and physician engagement, hospital site processes, or real-world data feedback on trial improvements along the way, an 80% drop-off is an enormous issue and our competitors’ offering of a tech only platform for patients to search for trials themselves is not enough to solve it. Nor does it put the needs of the patient first – a key part of the myTomorrows purpose and a top concern of BioPharma companies.


The nature of the support from the myTomorrows business structure, and the mix of being human-led and integrating the latest in technology, led me to consider the analogy of a Green Wave – A Green Wave is the coordination of green lights, one after another, until there is an improved traffic flow. In the biopharma industry, these traffic lights represent barriers at multiple points of the clinical trial recruitment funnel, and it takes a team of people and the latest tech positioned at every barrier to increase the flow of patient access to clinical trials through these red light/funnel blockage points. myTomorrows is the only company able to manage the full flow, able to turn red lights green and increase the ability for high-quality patient leads to make it through the funnel.


  • Research and Planning to present three fully formed creative campaign ideas for the senior team to feedback on. 
  • Draft an integrated approach on how we would use the campaign across multiple marketing touchpoints, IRL and online. 
  • Draft a paid social and media placement proposition to identify an audience, use an engagement objective to support them to become a warm audience, and then a retargeting campaign to turn them into leads – sharing this with the growth marketing team for their input and for them to take over the paid campaigns. 
  • Write briefs for content creation: an eBook, pamphlets, banners, and digital ads for events, social media organic posts for the company profiles and for the senior management profile as a supporters pack, ads for media placements, work with presenters for the webinar script, continuous updating of content for special days like Celebrating Clinical Trials Day. 
  • Brief with creative ideas sketched out and manage the final product’s look and feel. 
  • Write copy, create, make live, and manage the organic social campaigns and employee packs.
  • Direct the creation of an analytics template for revealing insights.


  • Longevity and flexibility with the Green Wave campaign across a year of events in Europe, the UK and the US – the design and copy used on stand banners, the eBook leveraged to support lead generation, design and framework used  in on-stage presentations and in video presentations on tablets at the booths. IRL leads generated commented on the campaign design and clarity. 
  • Webinar series was established allowing paid commencement for testing of effective CPA: LinkedIn ads copy and creative, email campaign copy, industry media placement, and boosting a post from the senior manager leading the webinar, test-and-learn insights were developed on what paid tactics, copy and creative provided the most valuable leads. Media placements and Social Ads delivered the highest number of sign-ups but it was posts by the senior leadership that had the highest conversion rate from sign-up to attendance.
  • Learnings gained on how to nurture the entire webinar journey, optimizing engagement strategies throughout the journey, from registration to post-event follow-up, for maximizing participation and nurturing leads. Here we saw Media Placements offering ‘Watch the Recording’ delivered a good number of registrations.


Multi-stakeholder copy emphasis and ebook shown open
A green background version of the eBook
Quote from a senior exec who is a client
The Green Wave in action with each stakeholders position represented

The eBook shown with messaging on patient-focused services.

The Green Wave arrow shown with each stakeholder.

The two hosts and webinar information
Gif of recruitment funnel linkedin ad
Karlijn Doorn, thought leader promotion
AI and Tech thought leadership quote

Promotion of thought leaders and strong offer of ‘highly qualified leads’ for BioPharma.

Thought leader quote on our service for BioPharma using one of our most senior execs.

Promotion of our AI Product Manager, thought leadership positioning.

The first WEBINAR in the Green Wave thought leadership series explaining how the Green Wave practice can boost patient participation in clinical trials. We saw interest from our target audience of BioPharma but also from Patient Advocacy Groups – the webinar leader engaged with these audiences asking them to answer questions as part of the webinar which were answered in a Q&A at the end.


The second webinar was on the integration of AI into the myTomorrows platform and clinical trials search function.

We saw a fantastic conversion rate from the post shared by our CCO organically. 

Building on our internal thought leaders visibility has been a key tactic in driving reach in LinkedIn. 

ORGANIC continuation of the Green Wave Campaign on International Clinical Trials Day. 

  • Matching a key individual from each (funnel barrier) department to share their insight into successful clinical trial recruitment solutions from myTomorrows. Instagram Carousel shown below. 
  • Employee packs to engaging the office staff to share posts of their own as celebration of the day. 

The Green Wave campaign leading the branding at IRL EVENTS globally. From presentations, booths, digital displays, the Green Wave dominated the branding for multiple events, earning one booth a Best in Show finalist spot. And supporting the booth staff to tell a coherent story of the clinical trial recruitment service, with tablet videos displaying the myTomorrows tech, and the eBook, used as part of the lead gen journey. 

EXTRA: An interactive (b)pH campaign where a (b)iopHarma audience would take part in a quiz to ‘Find Out Your Recruitment Rating On Our (b)pH Scale’

Participation would result in the audience achieving their ‘pH scale’ rating across the clinical trial recruitment funnel with each number representing the barriers, tools, tech, teams and services that a BioPharma company has to contend with to have enough patients successfully recruited for their clinical trials.

From “0” our human-led support teams (like our Patient Navigators who take one-on-one calls with patients and trial sites) to “14” our AI platform (for patients and physicians to discover clinical trials) and Real-World Data offering.

Where they fell on the scale would indicate whether they were heavy on the human or tech side, and assign them a profile which would consist of an image and summary, using an appropriate case study example, of the problem and solution from myTomorrows experience. This quiz profile, would be shared with them if they would like to provide their email offering a link to an in-depth case study suitable for their profile. 

This follow up email would also offer a call with a member of our senior leadership team (chosen to suit the case study and profile) to talk through specific barriers and specifically how we’ve helped our clients gain a better balance – offering improvement suggestions for their recruitment funnel based on their profile.

A fun interaction for IRL events, we could set up the quiz on tablets at the booth next to a roll-up banner to show the (b)pH Clinical Trial Recruitment Funnel Scale (from Patient Navigators to Trial Search AI and RWD). Invite them to take the quiz to find out their recruitment rating on our (b)pH scale. The journey of offering the profile summary and case study for an email will be the same, but the opportunity to talk through it with a senior team member would be immediate. In this case the senior person would have access to the case studies on their laptop and be ready to go through it with them there and then, or suggest a time if that’s more appropriate. 

pH Scale: Definition, Chart, Values, & Range

Samantha Silye

Global Social Media Manager and Creative Strategist. Co-Founder at ZHS Orchards. Aussie born, citizen of Europe.