Financial Services Social Strategy

Metlife UK wanted to grow their awareness within a new audience, the Employee Benefits audience, through a social media campaign. By working with the full service capabilities at Teamspirit Group, I create a social media campaign targeting two key new audiences of Employee Benefits Brokers and HR Professionals (Q4 2018). 

This financial services social media strategy was building on the Financial Wellness trend identified through previous social listening done in the employee wellbeing space. Through social listening using Brandwatch, we had already identified the financial wellness trend within our target audience and developed the Behavioural Science content idea as a way to empower our audience with tools and tactics to perform their jobs better and improve outcomes when discussing Financial Wellness. This social listening also provided hashtags, topics, influencers and influencer bio identifiers to use as part of the targeting criteria for the paid social campaign. 

Content created included an insightful report with a Behavioural Science group Syntonic, a video interview with a thought leader at Metlife and Syntonic, and different routes for engaging with the idea tailored for each audience. We were building on the trends in Financial Wellness at Work as we were already creating content for Metlife on this topic. Building on their established thought leadership in this area. 

(An email campaign was also part of the promotion for the Broker audience to promote the Employee Benefits Consultant tool on the website and to send invitations to the IRL event).


  • Target an Intermediary/Broker & HR Professionals audience.
  • Increase engagement from our larger target audience of HR professionals, including a secondary audience employees and employers.
  • Grow awareness of thought leadership content amongst broker audience to drive connection opportunities for the sales team.
  • Use social channels for; increasing effective retargeting and paid promotion, increase of clicks to the website.


  •  To reach a new audience, social listening was carried out using Brandwatch to identify key topics of interest to them – for content creation, and to uncover their profiles – for targeting setup. 


  • Online quiz for HR professionals around Behavioural Science driving them to download factsheets on employee ‘types’.
  • Spotters Guide for Brokers as a visual aid around Behavioural Science – supporting brokers in Product Identification, Customer Profiles, Industry Insights, Sales Techniques from a Behavioural Science perspective. 
  • A IRL event for Brokers to sign up to attend to have an in-depth look at the Spotters Guide’s market trends, relevant industry regulations, research and analysis, effective discussion points, and success stories and case studies in financial welling. 
  • Thought leadership articles for LinkedIn written with PR support for key senior execs to share through their own profiles.
  • Scripts written for a senior exec, Jo Elphick, to be a guest speaker on the topic at events, filmed and shared as highlights in social and full length on YouTube. 

CONTENT: Behavioural Science personas and quiz for a HR Professionals audience to drive traffic to the website and downloads.

CONTENT: Testing photography and graphics, carousels and single statics, to the Broker Audience, driving registrations for the IRL event.

Samantha Silye

Global Social Media Manager and Creative Strategist. Co-Founder at ZHS Orchards. Aussie born, citizen of Europe.