Global Social and Content Management

Global social media content development for Group level campaigns

REQUIREMENT: Working with one of the world’s largest escalator and elevator companies over three years to identify, develop and manage social content opportunities to reach their audiences.

Done by creating a social media playbook as a thorough breakdown of the audiences, creative opportunities globally and platform management,  and the monthly social analytics reports to spot global content opportunities. The ongoing support is the social and content management (organic and paid) for an idea through from identification, briefing, creation, execution, analytics and insights.

Global social media content management in this instance is identifying a huge Egyptian infrastructure project with a sustainability focus, on during COP27, as an excellent content opportunity to support their thought leadership position in the MENA audience.


Create content from the Project targeting an infrastructure audience in the MENA region during COP27 and use the campaign to identify a target audience that can be retargeted with lead-gen material in future MENA campaigns. Align the content with the COP topics and brand values of sustainability and accessible, future cities.


  • Create the Integrated plan on the messaging and content required.
  • Draft a social proposition to identify an audience, lead them to become an warm audience, then into leads.
  • Brief the Egypt team on how to film Q&A content sending them a list of questions. Six video variations were created from the content for testing copy and themes that most resonated.
  • Brief and manage the creation of the video ads with a London freelancer.
  • Write copy, create, make live and managed the social paid campaign during COP27.
  • Deliver the results and insights to build upon the success.

RESULTS: An outstanding 81% of this niche audience who watched 3 secs of an ad went on to watch 15 secs, showing that they were well identified within the platform and the content created is well suited to their interests. This establishes them as a viable / warm audience to go on and qualify as leads.

The retargeting audience was given the option to click through and watch a more detailed YouTube video on the project, increasing traffic to YouTube by 300%. This was achieved with a ‘views’ not a ‘clicks’ objective – an effective use of budget as a clicks objective is more expensive and not necessary at this preliminary ‘audience identification’ funnel stage.

INSIGHTS: Identified the best way to leverage the Meta lookalike audience functionality using it to increase the retargeting audience pool with credible candidates. In our retargeted group, 84% who watched 3 secs of an ad went on to watch 15 secs.

Content variation for testing creative approaches

By creating 6 different video assets from the selfie videos provided, we tested which topics (aligned to the brand values and COP27 days) and visual approaches resonated best with the audience. Below are four examples: two variations on the introduction to the project with a busier theme, and a more middle class set of visuals. And then two variations on the topic of ‘solutions’ testing the same busy versus middle class approaches as well as introducing the speaker in the first 5 secs.

Samantha Silye

Global Social Media and Content Manager, and Co-Founder at ZHS Orchards. Aussie born, citizen of Europe.

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