Publisher’s Book Sales Campaign

Worked with publishing house Hardie Grant UK on enhancing their social media presence with a paid social campaign during the Christmas period.

REQUIREMENT: The Hardie Grant team are passionate about innovating their processes and use of talent to improve their social media presence. They have fabulous authors to work with, like Kim Joy from GBBO and James Martin with his ITV show Great British Adventures for content creation opportunities, plus an in-house artworker to create the standard creative assets. But they required a creative rethink on how to create social content for driving sales. 

Hardie Grant Publishers required a paid social campaign which would also identify which audience segments are driving the most purchases, while determining which combinations delivered the best cost per action (CPA).

Samantha developed a paid media campaign with a testing structure and creative content plan to uncover vital insights about Hardie Grant’s most valuable customer segment, heavy book buyers. The plan segmented targeting groups by ages, platforms, formats and content types to find out which audiences clicked through to the Amazon store more often. 

RESULTS: Post campaign, the analytics clearly identified the groups, content types, formats and topics that drove more clicks to the Amazon store. They also revealed a surprising outlier audience who, while small, became highly engaged to purchase when exposed to a particular content type and format, giving the marketing team an additional opportunity for sales. 

To enable the integration of these insights into ongoing social media organic posts and future campaigns, Samantha created and presented a detailed analytics report that pieced together the social media analytics and Amazon store analytics – joining the two data sets in a variety of tables and charts. This allowed for a visualisation of the digital journey to highlight what worked best to achieve the objective of driving traffic to the Amazon Store page for the lowest CPA. 

Samantha also performed a deep dive into post campaign considerations on what did and didn’t work and how these findings could be addressed and improved upon for future campaigns. 

Click on the images below to see redacted pages from the report summary.


Sam has been brilliant to work with. She completely overhauled our internal systems and processes, as well as injecting energy and creative ideas into our campaign. We have benefitted enormously from her recommendations.
Laura Willis
Marketing Director, Hardie Grant Publishing UK

Samantha Silye

Global Social Media Manager and Creative Strategist. Co-Founder at ZHS Orchards. Aussie born, citizen of Europe.