‘Planet Positive’ Digital Ad Campaign

Worked for RY agency in Shoreditch on their client - Tetra Pak

REQUIREMENT: Radley Yedlar (RY) agency collaborated with Samantha on a social media strategy to support a paid media campaign for Tetra Pak. They needed to accelerate the understanding of Tetra Pak’s sustainability ambitions and to demonstrate their effective solutions.

RY had proposed a bold and ambitious digital campaign with creatives to drive action and messaging that encourages conversations in sustainability.  It was supported by paid promotions to drive awareness, consideration and leads, led by an external paid media agency.

RESULTS: Dealing with multiple stakeholders, Samantha:

  • Worked closely with in-house creatives on asset variations for testing to create an efficient global rollout
  • Created social copy with copywriters
  • Worked with the paid media company on their campaign structure
  • Fused ideas from the sustainability consultant
  • Incorporated all of the above to bring together RYs campaign vision to be presented to the client

Phase One: Growing awareness amongst informed consumers, decision makers and policy makers across the industry, current and potential customers.

The first phase covered the awareness campaign for all Tetra Pak audiences.

It was a five-week campaign of testing creative and optimising the message with a large variety of creatives and messaging on specific social, search and native platforms.

Phase Two: Change in messaging and creative to generate consideration and lead generation for potential sales only.

The second phase is a consideration to conversion campaign for current customers and potential customers. 

This was a four-week campaign of digital storytelling using the creatives to build a four-pillar messaging structure. The target audience viewed the pillar most relevant to them first before being lead through the other pillars. Pillars are segmented by the target audiences’ job title and interests.

While this audience were seeing the consideration ads they were also being targeted with lead-generation ads.

Phase One Awareness creative: Twitter video examples (click to watch)




Phase Two Consideration creative: LinkedIn video ad examples

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Lead Gen - LinkedIn Carousel with exclusive PDF download behind form-fill

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Samantha is a pleasure to work with. Her support with our client's SM strategy development helped us achieve great results with a complex global sustainability campaign. I look forward to working with Samantha again as she is an all-round brilliant Social Media strategist. She brings smiles and positivity as well as being an expert at all things Social Media.
Samantha Bayley
Client Director at RY

Samantha Silye

Global Social Media Manager and Creative Strategist. Co-Founder at ZHS Orchards. Aussie born, citizen of Europe.