Large Company Playbook

A world-leading escalator and elevator company needed a social media playbook for their global social media strategy

Working with Sam was a real pleasure and a stroke of luck for our company. Her extensive experience in social media and her analytical mindset have been instrumental in driving our social media strategy forward and also helped me a lot generating ideas to develop this further afterwards. The playbook she developed and the monthly performance analysis templates continue to be a key reference for our global content strategy. Thank you very much Sam!
Florian Meier
Head of Social Media at Schindler Group

REQUIREMENT: One of the world’s global players in the escalator and elevator industry, Schindler Group, required a social media playbook to align their efforts on social media with their objectives to increase their influence and leads, with secondary objectives of building their global brand reputation and recruitment opportunities. 

The playbook needed to clearly define how their influential audiences would be targeted through social media, on what platforms, with exactly what types of content and how that messaging and formats would differ across organic and paid. The playbook needed to show best practice in content creation as well as how to create their own outstanding content. This would need to be seen as relevant and interesting by not just their audiences but by their own C-suite in order to get the resourcing needed to bring it to life. 

RESULTS: A detailed review of the industry and wider leaders in technology and mobility successes, in combination with the company’s own analytics highlighted a need for an overhaul of the social media KPIs in order to better achieve business objectives. This was made clear with a marketing funnel from both the global and regional POVs.  Best practices at a global level with a thorough breakdown on the purpose of every platform from an organic and paid perspective was provided within the playbook.

Following on from the original project to create the playbook, I was requested to assist in the execution of the playbook. The SMM, Global Communications Director and I are to present the playbook to, and get buy-in from, the marketing teams. We will then commence with the first planning session following the playbook’s strategy and creative suggestions. 

Florian Meier shared the playbook with the Global Communications Director who “loved it”, the feedback at the time was “I‘m really excited about it and look forward to presenting it to the team and the senior management and then getting started with our new strategy!”

See an example campaign leveraging the playbook, an awareness Sustainability Campaign during Egypt’s COP27 for a MENA Infrastructure Audience. 

Click on the images below to see redacted pages from the playbook. Insights and Content areas removed. 

Samantha Silye

Global Social Media Manager and Creative Strategist. Co-Founder at ZHS Orchards. Aussie born, citizen of Europe.