Webinar: Digital Analysis, Done My Way

You have the tools and the data, the questions are flooding in but where do you start so you can provide the answers. This talk takes you through the approaches Peter has successfully used for more than a decade to interpret and gain insights from Digital Data.

This webinar was a practical session, intended for data users who are not already experienced analysts. Peter took his audience through a step by step guide to the techniques he uses to analyse data. It is all small data focused, the tool of choice is Excel, no coding skills required.

The recording of this session is below and the deck used within the presentation can be downloaded via the button at the end of this blog post.

Audience Questions

No questions were asked during this webinar…

Any more questions?

Let me know your thoughts on these techniques for analysing Digital Data. Are you able to apply them yourselves? I am happy to help if run into any issues.

If this type of analysis is something that your organisation is in need of, please get in touch. I can perform the analysis myself or, ideally, train your own people in how to look at the data to extract the insights and use these to improve the business performance.