Workshop: Google Analytics Audit for Ecommerce Websites

Recent content published on the ZHS Orchards blog includes the recommended set-up of Google Analytics for any Ecommerce website, based on my critical use cases for Google Analytics. This set-up was defined for both Universal Analytics and GA4. A recent workshop went through this recommended set-up and included a checklist that can be used to audit your own GA set-up.

That is nice to have but the audit needs to be seen in action to really learn how it works. This workshop is that practical demonstration.

The Google Merchandise store was used as the example as anyone can access their GA set-up with the demo account. In the below recording, I audited the implementation and configuration of Google Analytics for this website. Given the current status of Google Analytics, both Universal Analytics and GA4 were reviewed.

As you will see, the GA set-up of the Google Merchandise store is poor (at least based on my definitions of what is important). Other examples were shown of what a good GA set-up would look like.

Useful links so anyone can follow along with the audit:

Audience Questions

Can you access the GTM account for the Google Merchandise store as a demo account?

This is not available unfortunately. Although given the poor set-up of GA for the Google Merchandise store, I don’t think there would be any value in this. At least with the GA access, the reports can be seen in action. That type of benefit doesn’t exist in GTM unless brand new to the tool and want to see the basics.

I think I have heard of some people providing a demo GTM container that anyone can access & import as a starting point. Can you drop a note in the comments in this is you or you know of this.

Any more questions?

Does your organisation need help auditing the set-up of Universal Analytics or GA4 on your own website? Or have you audited your set-up, found gaps and need help fixing these issues?

Please get in touch if either applies to you. I can provide the support you need so that Google Analytics provides valuable insights to inform your actions and decisions. Getting your decisions right more often will lead to your business making more money.

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