Business Performance Audit

This sole purpose of this project is to identify actions your organisation can take to improve profitability in both the short and long term based on available data.

It starts with a review of your data, primarily from your Digital Analytics tool (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) but allowing for all data sources available to you, in combination with research into the activities of your organisation and the team members who could benefit from this data. A variety of frameworks and techniques are used to structure the data and expose potential issues and opportunities, with these dug into further through the course of the project.

Peter has 15+ years experience across a range of sectors and has worked with companies of all sizes. He knows where to look, what to look for and, most importantly, how to structure data and implement processes to get insights into the hands of the people who need it in a manner that they can use.


  • Presentation of findings and recommendations to improve business performance.
  • All materials created during the investigation.
  • A follow up meeting three months later to review actions.


  • Access to Digital Analytics and any other requested data source.
  • Discussion on business objectives and plans.
  • Completion of survey by team members.


€14,250 excl VAT

Price is for a single website. If multiple websites are involved, price is subject to change. It will depend on the number of websites involved and how much they differ.


Presentation typically delivered one month after commencing project.

The review meeting is held approximately three months later.

The scope of investigations covers all areas of the business and website visitor experiences. There is no “one size fits all” set of recommendations, it depends what can be found in the data. From experience, recommendations can relate to:

  • Identifying marketing campaigns to invest more in or to cut
  • Identifying more appropriate landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Improving the layout of a page as visitors are not taking the desired action
  • Identifying bugs on the website or the cause of 404 error pages
  • Ensuring messaging throughout the website is consistent
  • Methods to eliminate identified leakage points within the customer journey
  • Overall improvements to business strategies and tactics
  • Creating a simple to use report for a team member who then relies upon it daily in their work

All structures, frameworks and reporting creating during the course of the project is also retained by you. This can include:

  • Visual map of the website
  • Improvements to the set-up of your Digital Analytics tool
  • Recommendations for further enhancements to your website tracking
  • Structures for classifying products or customers
  • Dashboards and Diagnostic reports
  • A Measurement Framework with KPIs that can be applied throughout the business

The focus throughout this project is always on turning data into actions that will drive results. So that these results are realistic, Peter ensures that recommended actions can be implemented. But then the work to take these actions and achieve the results, they are up to you. To aid in this, the final deliverable with this project is a follow up meeting three months later, to review the set of actions that was left with you and tick off what was done.