Data Informed Growth

This is an investment into the future of your organisation, taking actions now that will lead to success in the long term. The purpose of Peter’s work will be to help grow the business. The methods to achieve this will vary from client to client, whether focusing on driving more traffic, improving website performance, or reducing costs. Peter may be able to start working immediately on providing recommendations, he may focus on improving working practices to incorporate the use of data or the priority may need to be on improving the data quality and understanding of data within the organisation.

Think of Peter as your Chief Data Officer, your Director of Growth, a Change Agent, the Director of Special Data Operations, Head of Digital or whatever title works best for you. He will need the support and the ear of your leadership team, for any investment in technology and people, and as he will question the current internal processes and ways of working.  Peter will accelerate you on your Data Maturity journey, supporting every step along the way, but this will involve change.

Peter approaches this work using two parallel approaches. The first starts with the data, reviewing what is available to you and looking for opportunities. The second approach is to understand your business, the market you are operating in, who your customers are (or could be) and what you are offering to them. The two approaches meet in the middle with strategic and tactics actions, backed up by data.


  • Change.
  • Your organisation will use data in smarter ways to deliver better results.
  • Ongoing support to develop tools and processes to use data along with support for team members in this use.


  • Commitment from the organisation to develop and improve a data informed culture
  • Support and investment from the c-suite down.
  • Access to company data along with your organisation’s plans and strategies


This agreement uses a flexible retainer approach, with the cost dependent on the number of days works. We would agree a typical monthly level e.g. €6,000 with a minimum monthly charge.


Agreements are expected to last a minimum of six months but typically 12 to 36 months. This will not be fixed, the agreement can be cancelled at any point with a notice period of one calendar month.

Work during this relationship can cover a wide range of areas, depending on the original state of the data adn where the biggest impact can be felt.  Some areas include:

  • Optimising advertising efforts to reduce costs while increasing the quality of traffic.
  • Optimising the visitor experience on your website/app to improve conversions.
  • Communications with customers to reduce customer churn.
  • Defining KPIs that can be used across the organisation.
  • Improving the way data is collected and or structured.
  • Training for team members in how to use data in their jobs.
  • Creating new approaches to classifying products, services or customers for optimisation purposes.
  • Creation of data structures and reporting to deliver information to people in a usable manner.

Data has no power in itself, the power comes from the actions and decisions that are taken or changed based on the data. Therefore a priority with all work is the usefulness & usability of the data. You and your team are constantly taking actions. Improving your use of data to complement your own experience and knowledge will mean the best actions are taken more often, leading to clearly better results.

Peter will be the change agent within your organisation to turn data into value. He will work with you and your teams over the long term, to advance your organisation’s ability to use data and to connect the patterns in your data to your business strategy in ways that others cannot.