Google Analytics Enhancements

A correct and bug-free set-up of Google Analytics (whether Universal Analytics or the new GA4) is rare. While Peter no longer does complete Google Analytics implementation projects, he is still one of the best in working with the Google suite and, with his experience, can make a big impact in a short period of time.  When it comes to the quality and usefulness of data, Peter gets his hands dirty with the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics configuration, making necessary adjustments to deliver a much improved Google Analytics solution.

This can include:

  • Cleaning up naming conventions for pages, events and campaigns
  • Ensuring all channels use campaign tracking
  • Tracking key visitor behaviour actions
  • Defining conversion actions and customer paths
  • Creation of custom reporting
Having the data available is only half the challenge, it has no value until it is used. Peter provides training on all aspects of Google Analytics, from using the tool to converting data into insights into actions.  To aid in this, Peter creates user friendly and actionable dashboards within Google Data Studio – why get overwhelmed by the data within Google Analytics when you can just see the information important to you.


  • Configuration work within GA & GTM and dashboards created in GDS.
  • Changes detailed out in a summary GA Change document. 
  • Presentation to review document.
  • Training as requested.


  • Availability of stakeholders to define end needs and respond to questions.
  • Edit access for GTM, GA and GDS.
  • Quick availability of developers for any needed Data Layer changes.


Dependent on requirements, a quote will be provided after initial discussions.

The minimum project cost is €5,000 excl VAT.


Work is expected to be completed within one month.

This project may include targeted new tracking with instructions provided for your developers to create or enhance a Data Layer. Any actions of this kind will be focused on specific outputs and be extremely limited in scope. It will need a quick turnaround from developers given the nature of this project.

I have now worked with Peter at multiple companies, using his guidance, advice and support to set up Google Analytics to provide the data we need. Most recently, I worked with him to tidy up and organise our entire Google Analytics setup in order to accurately visualise campaign performance, track conversions, monitor issues and forms, and filter out noise from our data. Peter came in and worked with my team and our dev agency to improve the Data Layer, made changes to the GTM and GA configurations, documented all the work performed and ran training sessions to talk through the team on how to use the information newly available to them. He is great at understanding the needs and problems and finding the right solutions to make Google Analytics data useful as quickly as possible. Thanks for all the great work!