Ongoing Executional Support

With a 13.2% increase in social media use globally in 2020*, social media can reach your audiences. Connecting with them while they are browsing on social media requires an authentic and consistent brand presence.

Your content should be RESOURCEFUL – ACCESSIBLE – SHARED – SAFE – DESIRABLE, just like what people expect from their lived-in environments. By having a consistent social media presence which shares your company’s expertise and values with integrity and focus, you’ll find your audience, and they’ll remember your content.

So it is critical to understand your audience and the messaging that is right for them, not just to create content that attracts likes. Samantha can be the social media strategic arm for your company.  She offers ongoing support for your company’s social media processes, creativity and purpose.

Samantha’s experience covers organic and paid, working with small independent retailers and global manufacturing/services companies, working through agencies and directly with clients. Her support can be provided as part of your weekly or monthly social meetings and may include bursts around new creative content, campaign periods, events and analytics reviews.

Being hands-on with your teams, she ensures a full transfer of knowledge throughout the creation, execution and review phases of the work. Note though that Samantha does not execute campaigns on behalf of her clients. Her support will improve a company’s in-house performance through practice and knowledge-sharing, while leveraging her experience and expertise.

Social media support can include:

Investigative work on audiences and social purpose

Joining editorial boards/social media meetings

Optimisation of current content and processes

Trends and experimental creativity tactics

Content creation tailored for platform and formats

Best practice social management execution

Analytics insights review for future learnings

Example case studies below.

(*Digital 2021 Report)


  • Delivery of social media planning and campaign components as required from list above. 


  • Access to company insights, website/external social analytics, social tools, marketing decision makers and the social media team.
  • Commitment to resourcing; team members and budget, and creative experimentation.


  • €600 / day (excluding VAT) for my time.
  • Monthly rolling contract with a minimum of three days per month (at €1800) with a one month notice period. 


  • Minimum three days a month rolling contract is to cover most support needs as listed above.
  • Additional days to be negotiated for particular campaigns or busy periods. 
  • Will need to allow for other client commitments, childcare, with all deadlines agreed in advance.


There’s a great survey by Google on why people watch videos that gives us insight into this mindset of social media browsing. The survey answers say people are not necessarily looking for ‘high production values’ (the 10th most popular reason) or ‘famous actors’ (the 20th). No, social media is not like going to the movies.  Three of the top five reasons give a clear message, it’s to further their personal passions and interests
  • Teaches me something new (2nd)
  • I can dig deeper into my interests (3rd)
  • Relates to my passions (5th)