One-off Social Campaigns

With most of your customers active on social media (88% of people in the Netherlands and 78% of the UK for example*) it makes sense that any marketing campaign would have a social media component. 

Samantha can be the social media strategic arm for your campaigns – or your client’s campaigns if you’re an agency.  Her experience covers organic and paid campaigns, working directly with companies from small independent retailers to global manufacturing and services companies, and with agencies either behind the scenes or engaging directly with their clients.

When working directly with companies, Samantha creates plans and works with your teams hands-on. She ensures a full transfer of knowledge throughout the creation, execution and review phases of any social media campaign she creates. Note though that Samantha does not execute campaigns on behalf of her clients. Her support will improve a company’s in-house performance through practice and knowledge-sharing, while leveraging her experience and expertise. 

When working with agencies, Samantha inspires your teams and clients, coordinating and working with teams across the Studio, PR, Account Management, Paid Media and Marketing Comms.

One-off campaign support includes:

Planning and coordination with client teams

Delivering insights into campaign audiences and best communication options

The development of campaign strategy

Support in creative and social management execution

Support in optimisation during the campaign

Analytics insights review for future learnings

Examples of campaigns are provided below, with case studies.


  • Delivery of social campaign with components as required including social purpose, content, creative, platform selection, organic / paid specificities, best practice execution and optimisation tactics.
  • Analytics reviewed for insights into successes and / or improvements for future campaigns


  • Access to company insights, website/external social analytics, social tools, marketing decision makers and the social media team.
  • Commitment to resourcing; team members and budget, creative experimentation, media budget.


  • €600 / day (excluding VAT) for my time.
  • Projects typically require 10 to 20 days of support with this scoped and agreed before sign-off (with an allowance for contingency time).


  • Dependent on client campaign deadlines.
  • Will need to allow for other client commitments, childcare, with all deadlines discussed and agreed pre sign-off on project.

Example one-off social campaigns executions (each campaign will have nuances individual to a company):


  • SALES READY: Companies launching a new product or proposal can support their sales teams by creating specific social media creatives for them to use with their professional networks. Best practice tactics and tips for the sales teams and company on how to amplify the message is also provided.
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP:A company with internal experts who have respected insight within their industry lends itself to an organic thought leadership campaign – leveraging the clout and networks of your experts through their personal profiles and the company’s social media presence.


  • ADAPTING MARKETING COLLATERAL: For companies with assets for email, search and print ads, this collateral and targeting can be adapted for use in paid social campaigns. A common tactic, it’s important that any adaptations are appropriate to the social platform vernacular and formats selected or it will seem like a dull sales push.
  • DRIVING TRAFFIC: For new product launches, offers, exclusive or topical reports, paid campaigns can direct traffic to a designated landing page. You know your product and your audience. Targeting should be sharp and content grippy. You need a striking message or messenger to propel someone out of their feed and into your website.
  • LEAD GENERATION: Capturing leads can be done within social platforms with in-feed lead-gen forms or by directing traffic to a landing page for data capture. The promoted content must be very desirable to the target audience and possibly exclusive. Gaining the audience’s interest with an initial creative burst can increase form submissions or even create a ‘warm audience’ for retargeting.


  • AWARENESS / RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Document how your company value-adds, share your regional / global impacts in real time, profile people working at your company who contribute to the company’s sustainability / technology inventiveness, show the traceability of your product. If your company has something honest to say, you’ll find an audience who is aligned with your values to build a relationship with.
    • 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact.**
    • 81% belong to one of two shopper segments: Value-driven consumers (41%) who want good value and Purpose-driven consumers (40%) who seek products and services aligned with their values.**
    • 71% indicated that traceability is very important are willing to pay a premium for brands that provide it.**
  • GIVEAWAYS AND DISCOUNTS: A standard practice, utilising it depends on how suitable the tactic is to a company’s purpose. Examples:
    • Apple offer education pricing with discounts for students and teachers to show their values
    • Publishers will do book giveaways on new books to reward their communities
    • Insurers offer vouchers to participate in surveys to gather insights on behaviour for knowledge sharing and PR

(*Digital 2021 Report)

(**Meet the 2020 consumers driving change, IBM conducted a research study of 18,980 consumers in 28 countries)