Social Media Playbook

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people use social media. Forced to do much more of our socialising and support networking online, there has been a 13.2% increase in active social media users globally with these users spending an average of 2h 25m on social each day*.

This global digital leap has made an interesting social media presence as expected as a user-friendly website. Unfortunately “68% of people don’t think brands or companies share interesting content.”**

Samantha creates Social Media Playbooks that allow a company to give their employees clear parameters on how to be creative, engaging and effective in the social space, what the expected outcomes are and how to achieve these outcomes.

The playbook clarifies your different audiences and the creative ways your company can fit into their conversations while staying true to your brand. A playbook offers a route to a consistent presence to break through the wall of indifference in social media use.

Samantha works with your marketing team to ensure key business objectives are the foundations of your social media strategy. As a key component of this, Samantha researches your business, industry and inspirational outliers to demonstrate, with examples, how to push your creative boundaries.

Given the inevitable demands on internal resources, every investment decision made needs to be done with the purpose of generating genuine interest from the target audience, encouraging prospects from the top of the marketing funnel through to becoming a new customer or advocate. Samantha details best practices across social platform selection, content pillars, and how to use paid media and organic content to achieve these results.

Using a social media playbook will reconfigure how you execute your social presence and elevate your brand purpose. A big project to create, it then takes commitment from the client to ensure it is executed in a creative way, on an ongoing manner, and in timely fashion. It will inspire your internal champions.

*(Digital 2021 report)

**(Social Trends 2021)


  • Delivery of playbook covering key areas of social purpose, strategy, platform & content roles.
  • All insights created during the investigation.
  • Presentation meetings to all key team members to ensure understanding on execution requirements.


  • Access to company insights, website/external social analytics, social tools, marketing decision makers, social media team.
  • Commitment to resourcing; team members & budget, creative experimentation, top-down brand purpose consensus. 


  • €14,700 for a large company in a well developed industry potentially with a global market. A complete and detailed playbook.
  • €7,500 for a small business with a simple proposition, limited creative competitors and a localised market. It’s a simplified yet still perfectly formed playbook.

Prices exclude VAT. 


  • A large company playbook will usually be delivered in 10 weeks.
  • A small business playbook will usually be delivered in 5 weeks.

For both, delivery will be broken into stages, each of which requires detailed input from the client. Client delays on input or account management coordination will affect timeframes.

Chapters of a Social Media Playbook


  • The reach of social media, how your audience use it and having a social purpose


  • Reviewing your social media landscape and positioning to gauge the best opportunities for growth – giving us your core KPIs


  • The audit insights that guide the strategic direction


  • The key aspects that build a coherent social strategy broken into five objective focus areas: Content planning, content creation, platform selection, marketing funnel, and analytics


  • The process, templates and people needed to make content dreams a reality


  • The bulk of the research from our work together used to reference all the findings and guidance