Workshop: Quadfurcation of Digital Analytics tools

Many years ago, a blog post was published on the Coming Bifurcation of Web Analytics, a future split into simple and advanced reporting/analysis solutions for different users. I felt this didn’t go far enough so responded with my blog post on the Quadfurcation of Web Analytics, listing solutions at four levels. This framework continues to make sense to me as a description of the data access needs within an organisation.

With the release of GA4, it was time to revisit this topic. Does GA4 offer all four necessary levels of reporting/analysis or is something missing?

This workshop reviewed the concept of having multiple methods to access Digital Analytics data within an organisation. My framework with four levels was reviewed in detail, to understand the audience and purpose for each level. A key learning is that organisations should develop their solutions from the top down, prioritising the dashboards over the raw data access.

Major Digital Analytics tools were then reviewed as to the offering for that tool. The tools covered were Google Analytics: Universal Analytics, Piwik Pro, Adobe Analytics, AT Internet, Snowplow Analytics and, of course, Google Analytics: GA4. I was joined by representatives of AT Internet and Snowplow Analytics to talk through these tools with people from Piwik Pro and Adobe Analytics providing feedback in advance.


The recording of the workshop is below. Underneath are answers to the questions raised during the workshop and a link to download the deck used.

Audience Questions

There was much discussion but no actual questions asked during the workshop this week.

Any more questions?

Does your organisation offer all four levels of access to your Digital Analytics data? What are your thoughts on this framework, do you think it is missing levels, that it contains too many options or the overlap between levels is too broad? All feedback is appreciated.

Get in touch if you have any questions or if your organisation if missing one of the four options and needs some support getting this in place.

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